Top Suppliers of European Bluestone Pavers in Australia

european bluestone pavers

All immaculate buildings in the world stand the test of time due to a firm foundation. The firmness and tough exterior that reflects the large structures can all be attributed to the sheer quality of the natural stones.

Natural stones like granite, Bluestone, and Travertine are known as a perfect building material because of the various attributes like toughness, slip-resistant, and durability. Bluestone is one of those natural stones that have earned a solid reputation as a building stone. As there are many Bluestone varieties available in the market, it has become challenging for the buyers to determine which type of stones is best for them. The blog below unfolds more about European Bluestone and decodes the best suppliers in Australia.


What Is European Bluestone?


European Bluestone is one of the top-notch qualities of Bluestone available in the market today. It is usually imported in Australia and is specifically marketed as the best quality stone and far more reliable than the Chinese Bluestone.

Other than the European and Chinese Bluestone, the different types of stone available are Harkaway  Bluestone and Midnight blue.

One of the main reasons that make European blue stone superior to other quality of stones is its consistency. The stone also contains 20%-30% of catspaw, which results from the direct action of heat and gas on the surface of the stone.

Other remarkable features as to why the stone shines amongst the different varieties are due to its high non-slip rating, honed surfaces, and durability. All other types of bluestones apart from the European Bluestone fall short in many of these attributes mentioned above and especially quality, making it less popular than the former.

European bluestone pavers also find widespread use in the construction sector because its high aesthetic appearance helps beautify both exteriors and interiors of the homes and offices.

european bluestone pavers and bluestone tiles


Top Suppliers of European Bluestone in Australia


Not everywhere do you get access to the finest products in the market. One of the pertinent reasons why one needs to shop their way to the top-most sellers of natural stone in Australia is because there will be no wink of doubt regarding its quality. Three main suppliers have the best of European Bluestone pavers stocked up for architectural purposes:



Slate Discounts: 

Slate discounts are among the market leaders in Australia, which deals with the supplies of natural stones and pavers. They can be rightfully termed as stone specialists due to enormous varieties of natural stones stocked up in their stores. Started way back in 1986, the store has become very popular with the locals due to a bounty of reasons.

Slate discounts is one such supplier in Australia where without any doubt one can get the best products at the most reasonable prices. There is absolutely no doubt regarding the quality of the bluestones available as one can find 100% natural stone at the store. Offering the most authentic and certified products, the supplier has managed to lead its way to the top.

Apart from that, what keeps the store going on and on over the years is their excellent customer service. Slate discounts can be credited as the team of stone specialists who have unbiased advice for people purchasing natural stones for their homes and offices.


Stone Pavers:

 Another store that has trickled all their way to the top is Stone Pavers. The shop is located in Australia, just like Slate discounts and deals with all varieties of natural stones starting from Granite, Limestone, Sandstone, and Travertine.

Bluestone is also known as Basalt in Australia and is one of the volcanic rocks that is formed naturally. The stone finds extensive use in commercial and residential purposes as it is naturally honed and textured with catspaw for giving an extra edge to any exteriors.

Stone pavers are the best suppliers of the European Bluestone Pavers in Australia due to a variety of reasons. The store was started way back in 1994and began a journey to provide the best quality of natural stones to the customers.

One of the main reasons why the store has gained such momentum is because of the superior quality and cost-effective pricing of the stones. The store also exports the stones internationally to New Zealand, Fiji, and is known for catering to some of the highest qualities of natural stones available in the country.

Bluestone Pavers:

As the name indicates, Bluestone Pavers specialises in Bluestone paving supplies and they are one of the well known suppliers of bluestone in Australia.

You will find a range of bluestone pavers in their store varying in different sizes and thicknesses.




The natural stones are like the soul of any building that is about to be constructed. And when the building is your own dream home or office interior, it has to get the best quality of stones available for bringing it to life. European Bluestones have always been consistent in quality and color grading, thus find their way in dozens of architectural and construction projects.

If you are thinking of building your dream home or just want to fill in the need to amplify the beauty of home interiors, then it is advisable to opt for the top quality bluestones from the best suppliers in Australia. Do not forget to trust a reliable supplier in order to make your purchase a valuable one.



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